Tuesday, March 13, 2012

7" split out now!

Artist: Paregorik / Ataraxy / Napalmed / Wormhead
Album: Split
Format: 7" Vinyl
Genre: Harsh Noise
Year: 2012
Note: Split of two noise acts from Czech Republic and two from Germany. The finnest harsh noise by all 4 projects finally on wax. Full colored high quality paper cover, full colored labels, including 4 inserts, one by every project. Limited to 300 copies.
Co-Released with Napalmed, Vomit Bucket Productions, Puzzle Records, Underground Pollution Records, Rauha Turva and NHDIYSTREC.

5€ / 100KČ (bulk discounts possible)
VBP 100 - Paregorik / Ataraxy / Napalmed / Wormhead 4-way split 7" EP (samples)

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