Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Split with Gorgonized Dorks out now!

That's right, finaly, the split with all-mighty core-noisers Gorgonized Dorks is out!

Released by Jerk Off Records (usa) and Rauha Turva Recs. (cze) .... ... .... ...

Copies should be available also from me in serval days!

"The inhuman duo that is Gorgonized Dorks quickly return deep space with 20 minutes of outerworldly electronix transmissions from the far reaches of the universe. Here they astral project two tracks of strange samplings of music from alien worlds to whom it's safer to listen in the safety of your home than to risk an intrusive anal probing from malevolent E.B.E.'s. This is space-core at it's finest. Sharing this release is Paregorik, who hail from the Czech Republic. They too include two tracks of harsh noisiness to which they contribute. Low frequency rumbles get cut through with heavily processed vocal effects and feedback, while a bass guitar neanders in the background. The combined effect when played loud is like having your skin peeled off an audio tornado, as you masochistically enjoy every minute of your experience."

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